The E-Government Competence Center brings together members in the ERCIS network working on digitalization in the public domain. Our research covers a broad range from individuals’ use of e-government technology to e-participation to process management.

Our mission

We bring together expertise in e-government research of ERCIS and our cooperation partners on a national and international level.

Our research focuses on practical as well as theoretical aspects of e-government.

Our research covers a wide and interdisciplinary range of topics ranging from the engineering perspective of business process management, sociopolitical issues like open government and social aspects regarding the use of services and IT.

We use a broad spectrum of methods in order to cover different empirical and conceptual approaches as well as implementation solutions.

We publish our scientific results with the intention to inspire other scientists, citizens, research sponsors, and public administrations to develop interest in e-government research.

We offer various forms of teaching in the field of e-government to provide theoretical and practice-related knowledge.

Our Competence Center seeks to provide a network for our cooperation partners. Together, we aim to identify and co-design relevant research prospects in the range of IS and the future of e-government.