The ERCIS Competence Center for e-government, residing at the WWU Münster, is supposed to pool and link the knowledge and experience of scientists belonging to the ERCIS-network, national and international research institutes and practice partners in the field of electronic administrative modernization. It is our goal to analyze the complex field regarding e-government from different perspectives.

We define e-government as the use of information technologies which is linked to organizational changes in public administrations (EU 2006). E-government is aimed to improve communication skills between administrations, citizens and other target groups, offer new public services and strengthen the democracy.

Our mission

The e-government Competence Center aims to pool expertise regarding the e-government-research of ERCIS and our cooperation partners on a national and international level.

In cooperation with our partners, our research work in the field of information systems focuses on practical and theoretical problems concerning e-government.

In doing so, our research covers a broad and interdisciplinary range of topics including the engineering perspective of business process management, sociopolitical issues like open government and sociological aspects regarding the social acceptance of service and IT.

We are able to use a broad range of methods in order to cover different empirical and conceptual approaches and also implementation solutions matching the specific research purpose.

It is our explicit intention to publish our scientific results and inspire other scientists, citizens, research sponsors and public administrations to develop interest in the e-government research.

Our Competence Center seeks to provide a network for our cooperation partners. Together, we aim to identify and co-design the relevant research prospects in the range of information systems regarding the future of e-government.

Additionally, we offer various forms of teaching in the field of e-government to provide practice-related knowledge regarding electronic administration.